On the 18th of April 2017, SIMS Kuwait had the honor  and privilege to represent ‘Incredible India’ at the cultural extravaganza organized  by the NGO ‘LOYAC’ in Kuwait city. In their endeavor to expose the Kuwaiti children to the cultural heritage of different countries ‘Loyac’ had invited ‘SIMS’ to bring out the different vibrant colors of India by displaying the handicrafts, performing dances, food and fine arts of different states of India.

India being a vast country ‘SIMS’ decided to display the culture of three states of India namely Punjab, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. The fine arts of Punjab in the form of embroidery: phulkari and knitting, Rajasthan’s mirror work  and henna application  and Maharashtra’s  warli painting and rangoli along with coloring of national animal, bird ,flower and map of India were demonstrated live. The Kuwaitis had a field day trying their hand at these arts.

The food items in the form of live counters of  Bhel, Panipuri and Coconut Snow Balls was a smash hit with all the Kuwaiti kids and adults. They also enjoyed in learning the steps and performing the different dance forms of these three states. The young boys enjoyed playing kabbadi and kho kho . It was a day of learning along with fun and frolic. The day ended with the recitation of the Indian National Anthem.

All those who attended including  the Kuwaiti children, teachers, NGO staff  members and parents went home enriched with the knowledge of the cultural heritage of  ‘Incredible India’ and with a positive outlook towards the most beautiful ,diverse and colorful country of this global village.


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