About the Management

Paradigm Pioneers Global Trust is the philanthropic arm of Paradigm pioneers Group having its presence in UAE, India, United Kingdom and Singapore. This trust strives to propagate an attitude of lifelong learning through ignited minds and compassionate soul. It brings the best of education systems from the East and West, amalgamating them into local values with a global perspective.

Paradigm Pioneers Group operates in the field of


Paradigm Pioneers focuses on academic institution and training programs to bring the most significant returns in the shortest amount of time, establishing a sustainable foundation for long –term strategic success. Paradigm Pioneers is involved in setting up and academic tie-ups for institutions at secondary & tertiary level.


Paradigm Pioneers provides overall coordination and management of all aspects of the planning and implementation processes for new and existing ports and free zones and acts as the owner’s representative in leading the project team. Paradigm Pioneers specializes in creating master plans with requisite infrastructure and utilities for Ports, Export processing Zones and industrial Estates. In its work, Paradigm Pioneers conducts assessments of the macro environment for the operations, economic feasibilities and sea space management for existing ports.


Paradigm Pioneers is working on implementing environmentally sound management systems to ensure sustainable development without harming public health and environment. Incorporation of Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) into our socio-economic fabric and its awareness has become our prime goal.


Paradigm Pioneers provides targeted and integrated marketing and communication solutions to businesses. Paradigm Pioneers ensures that the marketing communication strategy reflects the core values of the company and is directly responsive to the consumer needs. Paradigm Pioneers offers targeted, integrated and effective marketing solutions that give the clients the powerful competitive advantage over their competitors.

Financial Services

Paradigm Pioneers, through its sister concern, offers a full array of accounting and financial reporting services to meet the diverse need of various types of businesses. The core services are the audit and assurance, which are more than an outline compliance exercise. It enables our professionals to review the client’s financial operations and make constructive suggestions about improvements that will enhance the business performance. This will also help in identifying potential risk factors and assist the management to control those factors.


Paradigm Pioneers provides a wide range of services to business and organizations such as new construction, redevelopment or renovation of an existing facility, or reuse of underutilized or abandoned facilities to help property owners, developers and lenders make informed decisions. Paradigm Pioneers, through sister concern, offers turnkey solutions for civil & steel works in industrial/commercial/residential/storage services. The whole operation thus combines to form a seamless process of project execution.

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